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Medical Clean Room Plastic Molding

Medical Clean Room Plastic Molding

Medical Clean Room Molding

A cleanroom is designed to achieve and maintain a low level of contamination. This is done by filtering outside air to exclude dust and other airborne particles. The air inside the room is constantly re-circulated through High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters to remove internally generated contaminants.

Class 10,000 Rated Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms are utilized in many industries, including molding, where particulate control is critical. Klann utilizes one dedicated and two portable Class 10,000 rated cleanrooms which allows for maximum flexibility to meet customers’ most critical molded parts requirements. Moreover, our entire molding area has precise temperature and humidity control with filtration to insure consistent control of the molding process and environment for all molded parts.

Medical Clean Room Plastic Molding

Samples of Medical Clean Room Molded Parts

Spring Loaded Collar
2nd Cleanroom sample
Feedthrough Guides
3rd Cleanroom sample